Card Machine Models

The number of models of card machines globally is extensive.  The below list is a non-exhaustive list of card machines currently in use.

ManufacturerManufacturerTypeDocument 1Document 2
IngenicoiCT220CountertopiCT220 Quick Start Guide iCT220 User Guide
IngenicoiCT250CountertopiCT250 Quick Start Guide iCT250 User Guide
IngenicoiPP350PIN PadiPP350 Quick Start Guide iPP350 User Guide
IngenicoiWL222Portable (Bluetooth)iWL222 Quick Start Guide iWL222 User Guide
IngenicoiWL252Portable (Bluetooth)iWL252 Quick Start Guide iWL252 User Guide
IngenicoiWL258Portable (WiFi)iWL258 Quick Start GuideiWL258 User Guide
IngenicoiWL221Mobile (GPRS)iWL221 Quick Start Guide iWL221 User Guide
IngenicoiWL251Mobile (GPRS)iWL251 Quick Start Guide iWL251 User Guide
IngenicoMove3500Portable / Mobile (depending on configuration)Move3500 Quick Start GuideMove3500 User Guide
IngenicoMove5000Portable / Mobile (depending on configuration)Move5000 User Guide
VeriFoneVX520CountertopVx520 User Guide
VeriFoneVx675Portable / MobileVx675 User Guide
VeriFoneVx680Portable / MobileVx680 User Guide
Spire PaymentsSPc5CountertopSPc5 Quick Start Guide
Spire PaymentsSPc50CountertopSPc50 Quick Start Guide
Spire PaymentsSPg7 WiFiPortable (WiFi)SPc5 Quick Start Guide
Spire PaymentsSPg7 GPRSMobile (GPS)SPc5 Quick Start Guide
Spire PaymentsSPw60PortableSPw60 Quick Start Guide
Spire PaymentsSPw70Mobile (GPRS)SPw70 Quick Start Guide
OptomanyaxeptS800CountertopaxeptS800 Quick Start Guide axeptS800 User Guide
OptomanyaxeptS900Portable / MobileaxeptS900 Quick Start Guide axeptS900 User Guide

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