Other general FAQs.

What are the different ways I can take cards?

Card processing is highly versatile these days and it is possible to accept card payments in-store, on-line, over the phone and on the move.

Chip and PIN machines are used by millions of businesses around the world to process card payments in-store, with most retailers and restaurants installing these easy to use terminals next to their tills or cash registers. Another popular type of card machine is the portable terminal. This features Bluetooth or wireless technology which allows the unit to be used anywhere on your business premises. Mobile terminals, meanwhile, are perfect for businesses that need to take payments on the move. Thanks to cutting-edge GPRS technology, they are able to process transactions immediately from anywhere in the ROI that has good phone coverage.

Alternatively, a virtual terminal is the perfect solution if you receive orders via telephone, fax or mail order

What else do I need to process credit cards?

In addition to a credit card machine, you will need a merchant account which will allow you to accept the full range of MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. Our team of experts will guide you through the application and approval process to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

To open an account you will need to provide information relating to your business including details of your expected card turnover, average transaction value and details regarding the goods or services you will be provided to your customers. In addition to this you will need to provide details relating to the ownership of your business and where it is located. If you plan to take payments through your website, you will also need to set up a payment gateway which can also be provided directly from UTP.

What are the costs involved in running a credit card machine?

There are two types of costs involved with credit card processing. Firstly there will be a charge for the rental of the credit card machine which will be fully inclusive of any costs relating to the support and maintenance of the equipment. Secondly you will be required to pay transaction charges relating to the actual card transactions processed on the credit card machine (or via your website). These charges will depend both on the type of card processed and the nature of business which you are running.

Rest assured that in relation to the above charges, our team will work with you to select the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your needs.

How do I get paid?

Once your account has been approved and is open, the funds relating to transactions processed will be batched on a daily basis and will be settled directly into your business bank account within three to five working days after the transaction is processed.

How long will it take to switch to UTP?

On average the whole process should take no more than a week. If your business is in a more unique industry type then it can take up to two weeks.

If my card terminal breaks down, how long will it take for a replacement terminal to be sent?

Normally within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

What makes UTP different from other providers?

We are absolutely committed to giving you the best experience of card processing from the initial pricing to the ongoing service.

What’s the benefit of switching?

Saving money is normally the biggest factor but increased levels of service is also important.

What type of terminals are there?

We offer the full suite of terminals and are happy to advice you based on the needs of your business. Click here view our range of Credit Card Machines.

What is Barclays' involvement in our company?

They are our partner for the processing element of the service.

How soon will the money reach my business account?

Standard times are the day you processed the card payment plus three to five working days.

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